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What is Eglish club?

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The English Gate English Speaking Skills

Welcome to The English Gate Language Center EnglishClub Speaking for ESL learners, to help you learn and practise the skill of speaking English, What is Speaking? Speaking is the second of the four language skills, which are: 1. Listening 2. Speaking 3. Reading 4. Writing Speaking Skills Guide: Strategies and tips for better English speaking, The Importance of Speaking Practice Speaking to yourself can be "dangerous" because men in white coats may come and take you away!! That is why you should make every effort possible to find somebody to speak with How to Address People in English audio icon What name or title can we use when speaking to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, teachers, doctors etc? Greetings in English audio icon How to say hello in English. On these pages you can listen to and practise greeting people in a variety of situations - from the classroom to business Telephone English In this lesson we look at some of the words and expressions that we use for telephoning. There are also some practice sessions and a quiz for you to check your understanding Small Talk in English What can we say in casual conversations with strangers or colleagues we meet in the lift? Small talk is a casual form of conversation that "breaks the ice" or fills an awkward silence between people call us at 940 087 6253 / 940 088 6593 or visit our service center with your questions or concerns!


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Presentations in English Learn how to give a presentation or speak in public in English. This tutorial guides you step by step through the process of making a presentation, from preparation to conclusion and questions Speaking about the Weather in English audio icon Even strangers discuss the weather. Learn the proper vocabulary and expressions, and you'll find it easy to start a conversation anytime, anywhere--with anyone you meet! Agreeing and Disagreeing in English Sooner or later you will get the urge to agree or disagree with something that is being said in English. Offering an opinion can be difficult when it is not in your first language,call us at 940 087 6253 / 940 088 6593 or visit our service center with your questions or concerns!


iWhy start an English Club?

Use what you learn An English Club is a place for language learners to use English in a casual setting. Practising your skills in the classroom is important, but it is not like real life. In the classroom, you often focus on one skill and one item (for example: grammar - future tense). After learning the rules your teacher gives you time to practise using the item. You have your papers in front of you and the rules are fresh in your mind. Will you remember how to use your skills next week, or next year? In an English Club, you get a chance to practise many different skills in a setting that is more like real life. Though your English teacher understands your English, your English Club friends will require you to speak more clearly and listen more carefully. Make English-speaking friends Starting an English Club is a great way to make new lasting friendships. It is important to have good ESL friends because your confidence will increase if you do. You will feel more comfortable using English around people you trust and have fun with. Don't limit your friends to the people in your class. Any questions? Chat with us LIVE, call us at 940 087 6253 / 940 088 6593 or visit our service center with your questions or concerns!


How can I start an English Club?

Post a sign-up sheet You can start by putting up a sign up form in your school lobby or on a local library bulletin board. Write your email address at the top so that people can email you with any ideas they might have. Make sure they write down their phone numbers or email addresses so that you can contact them about the time and place of the club meetings. Seek help Don't try to do everything yourself. Each member should contribute to the club. You may even want to find a fluent English speaker who will volunteer to come to your meetings. New teachers or a high school student may be willing to help you for free because the experience will help them find a job. You can put an ad in a local paper or at the library or supermarket. (WANTED: Volunteer to help with English Club. Must be fluent in English. No teaching experience or preparation necessary. Call Eva at 940 087 6253 for more information.) , call us at 940 087 6253 / 940 088 6593 or visit our service center with your questions or concerns!