Spoken English Basic & Advance level

We are English Club which provides Services Placement Services in the English Gate Tirur Spoken english traing cnter To have a basic understanding of English,

We understand your emotion about English speaking. we will never put you in same, we make different batch for advance and basic level learners Proper grooming and professional appearance are important to gain not just positive impression but also respect in the workplace. First impressions matter and the way you look and carry yourself create impact on people you get along with in the work setting. Proper grooming and professional appearance is important to both men and women. Lack of these may lead to poor image and may interfere with your chance of getting good impression and positive feedbacks from your workmates and superiors.

Interview Skills

Personality development

X Your personality is the first

Interviews are about presenting yourself in a positive and confident manner and our interview skills and tips will help you. If you’re going to impress at interview, you need to prepare thoroughly.Many candidates are often worried that by "overselling" themselves they may appear arrogant and, as a result, they opt for mainstream answers which can sometimes appear fairly vague. In our courses there are a number of interview techniques that you can apply to ensure that you do yourself justice and improve your interview skills to a level that will make you one of the strongest candidates Your personality is the first thing that is noticed in a job interview, in any company, any field. Having a good personality is essential to get ahead in today’s world. our Personality Development course will polish your presentation and communication skills and prepare you to have a successful career in any field of your choice.

Communication Skills

English Grammar Course

Grammars and spoken English cant learn together Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn. It is defined as transferring information to produce greater understanding. It can be done vocally (through verbal exchanges), through written media (books, websites, and magazines) , visually (using graphs, charts, and maps) or non-verbally (body language, gestures, pitch of voice, and tone). All of these means of communication are essential Soft Skills that are vital for a successful Career Grammars and spoken English cant learn together so we make particular batch for grammar learning only. Proper English grammar is very important for getting good score in exam. Grammar helps you make progress in all the three skills, reading, writing & listening. The best way to improve your grammar is to study each rule one by one, read some examples, make your own examples and then practice each rule by doing exercises.


English Accent Training teaches you new sounds and speech habits. A typical session involves work on: Breathing and posture Tongue position when speaking Mouth muscularity Ability to reproduce and recognize RP* sounds Key Features: Accent neutralization (Global Accent Plosives & sounds (nasal & throaty) Difference in US & UK English Time Zones Geographical boundaries American slang Voice: Voice Modulation Pitch & Tone Training Accent: MTI removal (sh, s, zh, z) Vowel and consonant sounds Phenomena of phonetics