Speak IELTS! Your Guide to Spoken English

Spoken English is simple

In speaking, we use a lot of one-syllable words like ‘I’ ‘think’ ‘you’ ‘are’ ‘great’. We don’t say ‘It is my personal belief that you have superior qualities’. One mistake that IELTS Academic candidates make is in trying to pack their speech with academic jargon. It doesn’t make you sound clever: it only increases the work the listener must do to understand you. Keep it simple and use plain language,

Spoken English is cultural:

Spoken English involves two people,
Spoken English is where new words are tested and learned
Spoken English is about more than just words
Spoken English is social
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General English.
English + Work

The English Gate Language cener for academic purposes

If you want to work in an English-speaking environment or make yourself more employable, this course will help you. It’s ideal for working in hospitality, tourism and many other businesses,

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Spoken English is social in The English Gate Tirur

Spoken English is how we maintain our relationships with friends and family. But it’s also how we introduce ourselves to strangers and form new relationships. If all your conversations are with people you already know, you may be uncomfortable speaking to a stranger in the IELTS Speaking test. Make sure you overcome any shyness by meeting new people in the weeks before you take the test. This will also give you many opportunities to practice talking about yourself.